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Space Doodles is your first venture into the galaxy to discover joy and rainbow puke. It’s the first, small step in unveiling our universe to collectors with dozens of spacecrafts designed by Burnt Toast.
What is your Doodle in search of? Where is it going? How many other Doodlers are near you? Your Doodle is the key to answering these questions in our first step of revealing the universe.
All Doodlers can claim their Space Doodle for free and receive its own unique appearance and competencies within their personal spacecraft. Stats like “bladder management” and “piloting ability” define a Doodles competency in Space.
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Doodles are a collection of 10,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are made up of hundreds of exciting visual traits designed by Burnt Toast. Hand-drawn Doodles include skellys, cats, aliens, apes and mascots. The Doodles collection also includes dozens of rare heads, costumes, and colorways of the artist's palette.
The Doodles universe is ever-expanding and new experiences like Space Doodles are only available to collectors. While the universe expands, our brand grows, and collectors can expect exclusive access to the latest products, merchandise and events through ownership.
Owning a Doodle allows you to vote on community-driven features, products and events. This makes our roadmap collaborative to be decided by the project founders and Doodle holders via the Doodlebank. The Doodlebank is our community treasury which boasts over $5m USD and is used to fund these experiences.
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Your Frens through the metaverse
The Doodles Founders
Evan Keast
Also known as Tulip in the community, Evan is a Canadian-based product marketer and NFT consultant. Evan comes from Kabam Games (Net Marble), Dapper Labs, and CryptoKitties.
Scott Martin
Burnt Toast is the working alias for Scott Martin, a Canadian–based illustrator, designer, animator and muralist. Burnt's past clients include WhatsApp, Google, Snapchat, et al.
Jordan Castro
A blockchain builder since 2013. Poopie is known for bag holding and previously leading the CryptoKitties team at Dapper Labs.
Created by the Doodles Founders with special to our developer partners, West Coast NFT, our moderators, alfie, disclosure, and the support from the community, our friends, families, and loved ones.
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